10 Apr 2014

Chelsea Market, NYC

Some days, I just like to head out by myself, hit a random Google search to see what the city has to offer in terms of food and discover new things. A few weekends ago I ended up at Chelsea Market, a nondescript building in downtown Manhattan that you wouldn't dream had so many foodie joints tucked inside.

Anthropologie, a fancy-ish shop sold so much quirky cutlery! Anyone in for tomato scented jam, beautiful cookbooks and displays you absolutely drool over?

My next stop was Eleni's where I was utterly spoilt for choice with the selection of creatively decorated cupcakes, paint it yourself and conversation cookies and cake n candy houses!

I went into the Fat Witch because....who wouldn't?? Look at their logo and name! I sampled some delicious butterscotch brownies here.

Amy's Bread was definitely the best find of the day! Their semolina and fennel bread is out of this world.

I picked up a Cheddar and Fig Jam panini from Lucy's Whey and ate it by the window at a communal table.

There was Buono Italia, an Italian supermarket with at least 30 different kinds of pastas.

I stood by and observed a man making doughnuts.

I tried the famous creamy tomato soup at Sarabeth's.

I bought the funniest card at a bookstore.

What are your favorite food joints in New York City?

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